A few places to shop to build a functioning home bar

Maybe you’ve recently moved into a new place or you’re just ready for a shopping spree, either way you’ve been considering building up a home bar. It’s the perfect time to make space for one while your favorite local watering hole remains closed. Since you’ll need more than just a few bottles of different alcohol, here’s a list of a few places for buying the tools, accessories and furniture you may need.


If you’re looking for some tools to either kickstart your home bar or upgrade that second-hand cocktail set, the Kitchen Engine in the Flour Mill is your one-stop shop. The store is loaded with high-end items for various bar needs: A steel jigger for measuring, a bamboo muddler for mojito mashing, knives to slice up garnishes or even a Vacu Vin Wine Saver to keep your nice bottle of cab sauv at its freshest. 621 W. Mallon Ave., thekitchenengine.com, 328-3335


Atticus has become a downtown hit over the years as a gift store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop there for yourself. There are plenty of options stocked throughout the store for your low-key home bar. For one example, you can pick up the Good Measure recipe glass to keep your cocktail-making simple. Markings on the glass show you the perfect ratio of booze needed to make various drinks. Atticus also carries a large selection of coffee table books to either read up on delicious alcoholic beverages or just to have reading material while you’re sipping on that handcrafted cocktail. 222 N. Howard St., Facebook: Atticus Coffee & Gifts, 747-0336


Pottery Place Plus in the Liberty Building is more than an art gallery. It’s a shop that features fine arts and crafts made by Spokane artists. You can find many different handcrafted cups and mugs — perfect for adding a little character to your next hot toddy. Beyond clay creations, you can also find plenty of other art to decorate your home bar. Right now you can visit the shop in person or check out their online store. 203 N. Washington St., potteryplaceplus.com, 327-6920

Hurd Merchantile


Once you’ve started a decent collection of tools, accessories and art for your home bar, you’re going to need a place to put it all away. It’s time to take a short road trip through the Palouse to visit Hurd Mercantile. This 8,000 square-foot store is certainly worth the drive to Rockford for a vintage bar cabinet or wine rack. The shop kept the feel of the 1900s general store it once was. You’ll be dreaming of old fashioneds and martinis while wandering about. You might even find a sweet set of retro lowball glasses while you’re there. 30 S. First St., Rockford, Facebook: Hurd Mercantile & Company, 291-4077 

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