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Lifted restrictions mean there’s no excuse for not looking your best online or in person

With a switch to working from home for many employees throughout the region this year, personal grooming habits have, well, changed a bit. For some, it’s been freeing to take a more natural approach, ditching the makeup routine for a little extra sleep since the office is just a few steps away. For others, it was hard to take a break from favorite stylists while pandemic restrictions kept many spas and salons temporarily shuttered earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Zoom video conferencing calls have become an integral part of that work-from-home routine for many. Thankfully, we’re now at a point in reopening procedures where those roots don’t have to keep growing out if you don’t want them to, and you can even get long-lasting permanent makeup treatments to continue savoring those extra ZZZs.

After being shut down for about nine weeks early on in the pandemic, LUXE SALON & SPA was able to reopen and tackle a wave of backlogged hair appointments, as people who’d waited for months were able to again get their highlights and color treatments from the pros.

It’s not just your hairdo that can be treated now, either. Recently, Luxe and other medical spas got the go-ahead to offer close-up face-to-face services like facials. That’s on top of the other haircut, waxing and styling services that were already available.

“We currently just got the clearance to be able to offer all of our services,” says Luxe business manager Brooklyn Hubert. “We offer laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, injectables such as Botox, filler, vitamin shots, and some medical facials.”

Those services aren’t just for women, either. Men are increasingly taking advantage of laser hair removal, injectables, facials and hair services, Hubert says.

“Sometimes it’s looked at as not super usual that men come to get services done, but it’s important for them to take care of themselves,” Hubert says. “They deserve to be pampered as well.”

There still may be restrictions at medspas, spas and salons, so it’s a great idea to call ahead for appointments and double check what the current restrictions are.


Popular hair salons have also joined the efforts to keep clients safe with socially distanced stations, face shields, face masks, gloves and more, while offering the pampering that makes a hairstyling appointment so nice. Clients have been happy to return to places like HOUSE OF POP, LAVISH SALON, BRICKYARD BARBERSHOP, OASIS HAIR and more.

And, don’t forget about the newest trends in personal grooming: lash extensions that make mascara unnecessary, and microblading, which offers a permanent makeup fix to fill in brows for men and women alike.

Lash extensions are offered by many estheticians around the area at places such as THE LASH & WAX BAR, THE LEMON ROOM and STARS SALON AND SPA. Meanwhile, find microblading from pros such as ALICIA SEYHANLI PERMANENT COSMETICS, BEAUTY BY MEREDITH and WILDFLOWERS PERMANENT COSMETICS.

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