Where to shop for the well-dressed man

It’s no secret that the social norms of 2020 are a lot more lenient than in past years, but just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean we’ve suddenly lost the urge to occasionally dress up. Sure, we’re leaning toward more casualwear these days, and a lot of us have formed a closer relationship with our comfiest sweatpants, but sometimes a guy just needs to put on a dress shirt and tie for a Zoom meeting.

Perhaps you’re looking to finally fill out your closet, or your wardrobe just needs a little TLC. Either way, these Spokane shops and boutiques will suit the style of any fashion-forward guy.


Maybe you’re looking for a T-shirt emblazoned with the local Great PNW clothing label’s logo. Maybe you want a slick hat to go with your favorite blazer. Or maybe you need a new blazer to start with. Regardless, Kingsley & Scout has got you covered, literally and figuratively. Its Monroe Street storefront has become a go-to for the fashionable man, the place where you can deck yourself out from head to toe in a single shopping spree. They also serve cold beers in the store, so you can imbibe while you browse. 2810 N. Monroe,, 251-7781


Anyone who has stepped foot inside River Park Square has passed this haven of fancy duds, as it’s one of the most recognizable and long-standing storefronts in the mall. The locally owned clothier will have all of your bases covered, whether you need to dress up for your new corporate job or merely need a business casual outfit that’s fit for the golf course. Not only can you pick up a crisp new suit, but they can get it tailored for you, and you can purchase the ties, cufflinks and pocket squares to go along with it. 814 W. Main,, 838-1652


If you consider yourself a hep cat, if you’re a regular at every local rockabilly concert, and if you’d do anything to time travel back to the early 1960s, then Atomic Threads is your kind of place. It specializes in dresses and lingerie, but they have their fair share of casual men’s fashion, from retro bowling shirts to creeper-style shoes to lounge-friendly shirts with bold, colorful designs. You can even stock up on pomade and holding spray to keep your pompadour looking high and tight. 1925 N. Monroe, Ste. A,, 598-8755


Once you’ve got a snazzy new outfit put together, the pièce de résistance is the fancy footwear you slip your socks into. For more than a century, White’s Boot Shop has sold the sort of sturdy boots that are durable enough for the outdoors but sleek enough for the office, whether they be leather or suede. Their boots are meant to last, but they’ll also repair and rebuild your favorite boots if you happen to wear them out. A notable fan of the business is comedian Marc Maron, who stopped in during his stay in Spokane and raved about it on his popular podcast. Celebrity endorsed — doesn’t get more impressive than that. 4002 E. Ferry,, (800) 541-3786

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