Local bowling alleys face unique challenges with COVID restrictions

Unlike some activities, bowling really can’t be replicated on Zoom. For one, carrying a bowling ball around your home sounds like a recipe for squashing a toe or giving a cat a heart attack.

Whether you bowl professionally or just like having the option for date nights, family-friendly excursions, bachelorette parties or other outings, you have probably felt the absence of another of our communal escapes. Like movie theaters, bowling alleys in the Spokane area are temporarily closed, and with them has disappeared the familiar smell of french fries, squeak of bowling shoes and sound (or, for the less talented among us, lack of the sound) of pins crashing.

Below you’ll find some information on our local bowling alleys, the steps they’ve taken to comply with pandemic guidelines, and the outlook for these businesses moving forward.


If you were to choose a bowling alley on food alone, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than North Bowl. Their extensive menu includes lots of meat and vegetarian options, and is available for takeout. Equipped with a pub, pro shop and nightly light effects, North Bowl is a great option for kid-friendly get togethers, as well as those looking to perfect their skills. 125 W. Sinto Ave., (509) 328-7090


Valley Bowl makes joining a league welcoming and nonintimidating. They have leagues for all ages and skill levels, encouraging community and growth. Their website features a detailed schedule for when leagues meet, including groups called Senior Slickers and Valley Ladies Scratch. They also have a trophies and award shop, where you can get custom engraved gifts. 8005 E. Sprague Ave., (509) 926-6245


If you follow them on Facebook, you know Lilac Lanes and Casino has been maximizing its time during shutdowns to improve their space, working on repairs and renovations that will make reopening even more exciting for patrons who’ve missed their lanes. While the bowling side of the business is closed, the casino is open, as well as the pro shop where you can get any supplies and equipment that you need. 1112 E. Magnesium Rd., (509) 467-5228


Located inside Rosa’s Pizza, Cheney Lanes is a cozy spot for get-togethers and a staple activity for EWU students. While the lanes are temporarily closed, takeout and delivery is still available for the pizza side of things. Cheney Lanes has worked hard to follow all health and safety protocols, and looks forward to welcoming guests back once it is safe to do so. 1706 2nd St., Cheney, 235-5263

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