Early in the pandemic, when his firm wanted to do something for their employees and felt the need to support local businesses, Metals Fab in Airway Heights gave out gift cards to local restaurants.

“It was a no-brainer for us,” says Todd Weaver, president of the steel fabricator that does work across the Pacific Northwest. “It was something good for employees — it took some worry off them at a time when nobody knew what was going on.”

They handed out cards to Cochinito, Hello Sugar, and Downriver Grill (which can also be used at Flying Goat and Republic Pi).

“It was also a way to introduce our team to some places we love that they maybe weren’t familiar with,” Weaver adds.

Now that the holiday gift-giving season is upon us, gift cards are again a great option for employee gifts, or for friends and family. Especially now with indoor dining on hold, they can make a big impact for our local businesses.

The Davenport Hotel Collection offers a card that works across all their properties — the Grand Hotel, the Historic Davenport, the Davenport Tower, the Lusso, the Centennial — including all their restaurants. It’s even good for the Davenport Home Store and the Spa. And you get $50 off for $500 in gift cards (two $250 cards or five $100 cards, for example).

Another example of one card giving you multiple options is the one offered by the Eat Good Group, chef Adam Hegsted’s collection of restaurants that spans the Inland Northwest. It’ll get you credit at the Wandering Table, the Gilded Unicorn, Incrediburger and Eggs, the Yards and many more.

Gift cards aren’t just for chains any more — just about any business you can think of is likely to have some kind of program. So if you want to support your favorite local business and spread the word, consider that old last-minute standby: the gift card.

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